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Quest Connect is a premium business growth
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Our team has a combined experience of over 200 years in business.


Networking & Strong Leadership Skills
Mean the Difference Between Making or Breaking It in Business



of small business owners do their networking online

More than


of small businesses fail in the first 5 years



of employees leave organizations due to poor management


The Quest Team at Your Service

Founder & Board Member

Emmy Award Winner, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Celebrity Teacher/Trainer. Over 1M in total audience, 28 years as CEO, 3000+ Affiliates Trained

Board Member

International Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.

Board Member

Internationally known lecturer on archetypal imagery and the founder of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has run kids camps, and family programming. In 2020 Fire Mountain was named one of the Top 100 Innovators in

CEO & Co-Founder of All Realms.

Former CEO, COO, VP of Sales for Fortune 500 Companies. Successful entrepreneur, technology and operational background. Successful company exits, investor and innovator. Full-time award-winning Bodybuilder.

Quest Guide

Evan has been an entrepreneur in the education and marketing sector since 2015 and has deep experience in B2B lead generation and appointment setting using primarily cold email and LinkedIn channels.

Quest Guide

Ravi is a growth marketer who is proof that the key to growing your audience and your business lies in developing trust by giving as much value upfront as possible. Ravi has had success in growing digital agencies, SaaS products and helped numerous consultants in growing their client base.

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Quest Connect helps small businesses and entrepreneurs grow with
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" I thought to myself, "Wow, I will be able to
change my life anytime I choose, these are all
the tools I get to use now." I saw significant
when I committed to apply all the
techniques I learned from the business, personal, and relationships also known as the BPR"

- Kelly G -

“Since starting Quest, I’ve gotten greater
of how I operate (my archetype) in my
business and life. Not only that, but it has
helped me to quickly identify how other people
operate and whether or not I can help them.
The tailored training for Q4 has helped me take
focused action to finish the year strong and set
myself up for success come Q1. I wish I had discovered Quest sooner.

- Rob S -

“The knowledge and format is easy to understand and has provided positive and
immediate results.
The leadership team is nothing but the best. Being a part of the
Quest Connect community has truly been an opportunity with a great return on

It is way more than your typical networking group. It is a community with so many
incredible leaders who are all there to bring personalized insight to help build your

The strategies and recommendations I have received have led to incredible strides
in my business. I have finally learned how to strategically ask for and use
testimonials to further build my business. Beyond the business growth strategies
that the team assists with they teach you how to become an effective
so that you can stand out in the crowd and make an impact. I can't
wait to see what else is to come!”

- Jennifer K -

"Aaron, you have a really specialized talent to dig deep
so I got a really lot out of this!"

"It's cool to see people have the connection, and see
the benefit they getting by being so open."

"I'm learning how to network a lot better, how to set
appointments, how to balance my business-personal-
relationship time allocation."

Here's What You'll Get:

Weekly Gamified Networking Roundtables (60 minutes)

Value: $300 / month

Revenue & Business Roundtable Workshops Twice a Month (90 Minutes)

Value: $600 / month

Monthly Live Drop In Q&A Sessions with Business Experts

Value: $200 / month

Membership Portal: Online Courses, Exclusive Podcasts, Implementation Worksheets, Frameworks

Value: $400 / month

$49 / Month



Roundtables are a type of business meeting at which people discuss a topic and everyone has an equal chance to express an opinion. A workshop is a structured, interactive gathering designed to provide participants with specific skills, knowledge, or insights. Quest Connect combines these formats to encourage our members to learn from one another in breakout rooms centered on a specific theme.


We host up to 100 people in our live main Zoom room and our breakout sessions have 3 to 9 people each. Breakout sessions are intimate discussions and the more people that come, the better so you can connect with a variety of members.


The calls are held either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning at 12pm EST. Some sessions are 60 minutes and others are 90 minutes.


No, you are free to cancel your subscription to Quest Connect at any time.


Absolutely, in our Quest Connect network and training platform you can connect with everyone in all the groups. We encourage you to build real long-lasting relationships with other questers!


Yes! We actively foster deep connections for our members using fun personality archetypes and a combination of expert training, gamification, and smaller group discussions.


Just a Glimpse of What You Will Learn About

​Sell the Stage

Business Anxiety

​Business Goals -Pyramid
GOAL planning

Networking through the Archetypes

​One Page Marketing Plan

​Basic Archetypes Profiling

Basic Archetypes Profiling

Business Partners through Archetypes

How to maximize Linkedin

Hiring through the

Business Vampires Basic

BPR - Exercise

Company Values

​Company Culture

​Call Script Overview

​How to sell to Archetypes

​Circle of Influence

​USP Overview

USP Demographic / Psychographics

USP Features and Benefits

​Present USP

Dr. Travis Fox has been Architecting lives, cultures, businesses and stages for 30 years, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Winning ten Communicator awards, over two dozen Telly Awards, along with being a five-time EMMY nominated and one EMMY awarded, Travis has combined the arts of education and entertainment compiling a completely interactive way for all to learn.
Dr. Travis Fox has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top 20 entrepreneur for 2020 and Top 20 Instagram Influencers by BuzzFeed. Dr. Travis Fox has been on radio shows, podcasts and television programs across the country. He also has most recently appeared in such documentary films “Beyond The Secret-The Awakening,” (March 2020) the long awaited sequel to “The Secret,” as well as “How Thoughts Become Things” (April 2020).
As a highly regarded public speaker, to date, Dr. Fox has made over seven thousand public appearances and lectured over one million people. He is also a renowned psychological sports coach in D1 basketball and a decade on the PGA Tour. Featured also on XM Radio and Golf Channel.
Over a dozen successful corporate turnarounds and successful businesses Travis Fox founded with his wife Michelle Fox Allrealms, Inc as the Founder and Chairman of the Board Travis has successfully Architected Allrealms from conception to a multi-million-dollar organization in less than two years. His mission is to help over 1MM entrepreneurs around the world.
Robert Raymond Riopel is an international Best-Selling author, podcast host of Success Left a Clue. Celebrity Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.
At first, Robert had little on his hands, at twenty-one he started delivering pizzas for Domino’s in his hometown to support his family. After a lot of hard work, he became the Manager of the Domino’s franchise he worked at. His wife joined the business as an Assistant Manager. After a year and a half of working about seven days a week, they qualified to be franchisors. At thirty-two, he had already conquered financial freedom. In this episode, he tells us about the lessons he learned through his franchising deals.
After Robert acquired the two Domino’s franchises, all was looking good. Until a very common small business mistake snuck up on him. Over time, he realized he was spending more than he owned. At the eight-year mark of running Domino’s, Robert was over $150,000 in debt.
He went from being over $150,000 in debt, to turning his franchises around, to selling the stores and retiring nine months later, at thirty-two years old.
Throughout the years Robert has helped thousands of open-minded people to act, make their dreams a reality, and be seen as an authority in their field.
Robert joined Allrealms, Inc as a Board Member and made it his mission to be of service to others, helping them with their growth and development. Through Creation Nation and Quest Connect. He believes that every person has information and value that they can share with others but most of the time they fail because they don't believe in themselves.
On May 21st 1998 Aaron Walked away from drugs and alcohol forever and began to keep a daytimer, tracking EVERYTHING in his life. From this experience, he began to see his habits, patterns and CREATE his day instead of letting his day create him. This has led to amazing places, incredible relationships, and tremendous success in business. Moving from homeless to a millionaire.
Aaron launched a Martial Arts School in Boulder, Colorado. The School was extremely successful and the demand grew and in response, he and his wife began to offer after school programming, weekend events, summer camps, teen retreats, Ultimate Family camps. In 2009, Aaron and his wife opened their first Sober Home for teen boys.
The Sober Home became successful, winning awards throughout the years until it expanded into an Adolescent Residential Treatment Center. After the transition from the Sober Home to Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, for a decade it won multiple awards such as the most successful Adolescent Residential Treatment Center in the US and received The “Top 100 Health Care Visionaries'' award, as well as “Top 50 Healthcare Company”.
Leaping from the platform of success with mental health and recovery, Aaron turned his focus to becoming the first line of defense instead of the last option for supporting Parents, Schools and Martial Arts Instructors in their struggles working with addicted, traumatized and suicidal children.
Aaron became one of the cornerstones of Allrealms, Inc and Chief Communications Officer “Druid”, committed to take a concept to a multi-million-dollar company in less than 2 years.
With Allrealms, Inc some of the core curriculum has won awards and has been seen on ABC, Forbes, Inc and many more:
Ultimate Business Quest that has helped over 75k entrepreneurs.
Quest Connect has helped entrepreneurs from Founder, to Funding, to Fortune.
Parenting Master Class “Beyond Risk and Back” was awarded a Telly award in 2021 for Education.
“Safe-Dojo” landed him an induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2022.
As you will very quickly learn, Aaron is extremely ADHD. And it is his superpower.
Michelle Fox has had a diversified corporate and entrepreneurial career. Through the cumulation of various skill sets, mentors and personally owned businesses she has honed those experiences to be one of the youngest and successful COO’s of multiple fortune 500 Companies.
Her career started at the races! A young Female super comp drag-racer and pilot before the age of 19 years old. Starting in Flight Aviation Management running and operating a flight school.
Through her passion, dedication and vibrant personality she became a mentee of a Harvard Grad billionaire. Wanting to really challenge her, this mentor offered her an opportunity to build an executive suite company. She would be involved and oversee from breaking ground to the successful acquisition exit strategy after 3 years she had successfully launched and was in-profit in less than 2 years with a successful exit for the owner within 3 years.
The next elevations of her journey include her becoming the COO of an award-winning technology company LogMyCalls and was offered CEO position over their Sales & Customer Service Training division ContactPoint. During her position at LogMyCalls she helped architect the technology now called Convirza and found her passion in architecting innovative technology. She became VP of Sales at an award-winning nutritional organization called SunWarrior. From there, she went onto business consulting, mentoring, business investing and even became a serial entrepreneur.
She’s been a public speaker at Universities, teen schools, private companies and speaker stages. Before the age of 30 she had her first company acquisition with a 4x multiplier exit within one year of acquisition. She has sat on multiple company boards along with political boards. She had successfully completed multiple company turnarounds and coached businesses and entrepreneurs. She Founded Allrealms with her husband and was appointed CEO of Allrealms, Inc and its subsidiaries guiding the organization as a concept to a multi-million-dollar valuation in under 2 years. With over 75k entrepreneurs helped and winning multiple awards for technology and production her mission is to help over 1MM Entrepreneurs around the world.
In addition to his expertise in lead generation and appointment setting, Evan is a seasoned marketer who has a keen understanding of business operations. His strategic mindset and ability to analyze market trends have allowed him to develop effective marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results for his clients.
Evan's comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing channels and his ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics have helped him stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive industry. Evan knows how to leverage different marketing channels to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience and drives business growth.
His experience as an entrepreneur has given him a unique perspective on business operations. He understands the challenges that businesses face, such as cash flow management, customer acquisition costs, and competitive differentiation. His ability to analyze these challenges and develop solutions that align with the company's goals has helped him to drive business growth for his clients.
Ravi stays true to his word by continuously providing multiple solutions to problems that his network has. Ravi loves strategizing on advanced positioning techniques and writing copywriting sequences to turn cold prospects into hungry buyers.